Nuclear Expertise from France


France’s nuclear industry comprises a huge network of industry experts known for the exceptional quality of their savoir-faire. Nuclear Expertise from France is part of this dynamic. AIFEN brings together French companies of all sizes, each representing the savoir-faire and excellence of the country’s nuclear industry. Together, they make up an Atlas of Skills that spans the whole value chain dedicated to nuclear activities and has won recognition for quality and safety.

The Atlas of Skills promotes the activities that are building France’s nuclear industry as an industry of the future that is investing and growing. Because designing, manufacturing, and assembling equipment and components is above all a human adventure, the Atlas of Skills sheds light on the teams that have made France’s nuclear industry famous for quality and safety.

Expertise from France by ASSYSTEM:

Expertise of DAHER, multisectoral player:

Expertise of VELAN, world-renowned valve manufacturer from Lyon (France):

WNE seen by VALINOX NUCLEAR, worldwide leader: