The AIFEN team

The AIFEN team ensures that the organization is operational: the  President leads the Board of Directors meetings and chairs the WNE teaming up with the Executive Director who implements the organization’s strategy. The team follows the roadmap of the Board Committee composed by the Board’s members and driven by the Nuclear Industry Steering Committee’s export task force.

The team manages the WNE organization (World Nuclear Exhibition) and carries out activities marketing the Nuclear Expertise from France brand, such as: meetings with international industrial and/or institutional stakeholders, Observatory meetings, export’s tools (Radar PME, etc.). The AIFEN team is the entrance gate to the French nuclear team.

AIFEN’s team relies on an extensive network of partners to successfully fulfil its missions.


AIFEN’s operational team

The AIFEN team: Gérard Kottmann, AIFEN and WNE President

Gérard KOTTMANN, AIFEN and WNE President

Gérard Kottmann graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris and lnstitut d’études politiques de Paris (IEP) before joining VALLOUREC in 1983 to develop the group’s fossil fuel boiler tube business. He was the Sales Director of VALLOUREC INDUSTRIES and Director of the Energy Division at VALLOUREC & MANNESMANN TUBES (a joint venture created in 1997) and then became Executive Director of VALINOX NUCLEAIRE, the VALLOUREC group subsidiary and worlwide leader in nickel alloy tubes for nuclear power stations’ steam generators. In 2005, Mr. Kottmann was appointed President of the Pôle Nucléaire Bourgogne (PNB), an organisation that gathers more than 200 members in 2017.


The AIFEN team: Anne-Sophie DEFAY, AIFEN General Delegate

Anne-Sophie DEFAY, AIFEN Executive Director

Anne-Sophie Defay graduated in International Economics, specialising in the industrial economics and European integration, from the Université Lyon II and a holds a Master’s degree in Risk management from Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Bordeaux. She gained her main experience through 10 years spent alongside leading global corporations in the nuclear industry field. From 2006 to 2008, she was an Energy and Environment sector analyst at the Economic Department of the French Embassy in London, Her main task involved monitoring the United Kingdom’s energy and environmental policy on behalf of the French government and corporations in those sectors. From 2009 to 2015, she led the launch of the international nuclear school in France and was appointed Development Officer of Nuclear Valley with the project of expanding the cluster’s activities dedicated to collaborative innovation in the Rhône Valley, France’s leading electronuclear region.


The members of AIFEN’s Board of Directors

AIFEN – Anne-Sophie DEFAY  Executive Director

ANDRA – Richard POISSON International Business Service Manager

APAVE – Philippe TOLLINI  Development Nuclear BL Manager

ASSYSTEM – Franck LADEGAILLERIE – Sales & Marketing Director 

BOCCARD – Philippe COLOMBEL – Responsable Plant Solutions

CNIM – François-Xavier CATELAN – Director

COMETE INDUSTRIE – Christophe BEHAR– Business Development Director for Energy

DAHER TECHNOLOGIES – Bruno CAHEN – VP Nuclear Services Development

EDF – Isabelle LEBOUCHER – EDF/DIPNN/Direction of Development – Chief of Marketing Officer

ENGIE – Thierry ROBOT – Director of International Business Development & Commercial Director, INEO Nuclear

FRAMATOME  – Thierry LE MOUROUX  Senior VP Commercial Excellence & Marketing 

GETINGE LA CALHENE – Christophe SELLIEZ – Manager for Nuclear Activities

GIIN – Céline CUDELOU – General Delegate

LUZIESA EXCELDEF – Stéphane DUMONT – Export Manager

NAVAL GROUP – Jean-Marc BERLU – Sales & Business Development Director

NUCLEAR VALLEY – Jean-Claude LENAIN – Chairman


ONET TECHNOLOGIES – Maxime MICHEL-NOEL – Business Development Director

ORANO – Armand LAFERRERE  Director of Public Relations

PFCE – Pascal BELLIARD – General Secretary

PFME – Anne-François de SAINT SALVY – Chairman

PVSI – Arnaud CERE Administrator


ROBATEL INDUSTRIES – Christophe BRUNEEL – Chief Executive



VELAN SAS – Raphaël COUTURIER – Sales & Marketing Director